23. Februrary 2014

So Daddy came to visit this weekend. It was the first time for him to come here by car himself. I am very proud of him for being a driver now. I also had the chance to had him the little something I prepared for him to keep him safe during his car rides.

I hope you like Christopher :)

19. February 2014

Since Daddy got a car now I have to make a little something to protect while driving, just like a little guardian angel. So I will be creative today and make something. You will get to see the result when it is done and it was given to Daddy. He is always so curious...

So I'm not telling him what it is going to be :)

16. February 2014

Visiting grandma this weekend. Usually there is a lot of snow at her place around this time and it is great to go outside for a sledge ride but no snow up in the mountains :(


I wish I could have experienced a real winter this year but I guess I'll just have to wait for the next winter...

14. Februrary 2014

I've spent most of the time watching the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. It has been pretty interesting so far and I can only wonder about the fitness of some people. 


Maybe I can make it to the next Olympic games as a curling stone ;) 

10. February 2014

Spent the last couple of days at my Daddy's place. We cuddeld a lot but unfortunately Daddy was busy a lot trying to get everything in order for his upcoming work life. 


He also tried to make me a hat but because my head has a kinda weird shape it didn't fit me :( 

But it hasn't been cold anyway and there has been no snow so far this winter... so I don't really need a hat so far... 

4. February 2014

Finally got everything moved to the new place.. that was a lot of hard work carrying around all the things with my little arms... but it was a good workout, probally gained like 5 pounds of muscles ;)


Tomorrow I will go home so see my mummy's family and daddy again. Can't wait to see him again!

2. February 2014

It's time to move again... This time I don't have to move far but I found a new home in Hamburg so it is time to pack all the things and get comfortable in a new place... 


Oh yeah and I'm sorry for not putting up any pictures but I just didin't have the time to take any lately and also it was a bit chilly outside... Hope to get back to that after the move...