28.November 2013

Having a Bad-Hair Day today.. What to do?? Should I get a hair cut or nor? What do you think? .....
But NO! I am so fluffy! I want to stay that way :)

27.November 2013

I've never seen that many bottels of wine, whiskey, scotch, rum, gin at one place! And also all the other stuff: parfumes, makeup, chocolate, candy, watches and so one. That is one crazy place: 

Well you might wonder were I have been today.I went on an excursion to Heinemann. They equip airport, cruises and duty free stores in Europe and around the world. So I got to the there storage and warehouse and how they operate. Pretty interesting!

24. November 2013

One month to go till my first Christmas. I am already so excited not only to see Santa but also I will see my Daddy again around Christmas. I miss him so much every day.

Today I went to Blankenese. It was pretty nice weather and the part of Hamburg is quite nice with all the stairs and pretty houses. Living there is apparently really expensive. 

21. November 2013

So I had this lab for university today. It was an RFID lab in a consulting company. It was pretty fun to try out things instead of sitting in front of the desk all the time. So we tried different applications for RFID that can be used in a real company and also tested different transponders on a really awesome looking chamber. 
That's me playing with a tag.. Maybe someone will now be able to find me whereever I go. 

17. November 2013

Yesterday I went to KungFu training again. I've been working out a while now but I haven't lost a pound yet. And because my arms and legs are so short my teacher always has to laugh when I am there....  But I will keep on trying 

14. November 2013

So today was the "Long Night of Industry". I registered for a tour and was so able to get to know Philips a little more. I always thought they just do a bunch of electric stuff for the house but what I saw today was amazing. The tour took place at the Philips Medical Systems DMC. So there I got to see an x-ray machine and they explained how it works. Furthermore I got to see an CT from the inside.. that is just crazy how it works.. I'm not going to tell because you might be to scared to go inside the next time you need one. 

It was a great tour and I learned a lot!

9. November

Yesterday I went to the theater for the first time. It was fun and the people played really well. 

Then today it was time again to take a walk and take some picture. The weather wasn't that good but I mangaged to get some quite nice picture. 

7. November 2013

Today I had the chance to go on a Harbor Tour with a Bus. Because of the security guidlines only special busses are allowed on the container terminals. It was very interesting to see how the containers are handeld at land with huge vehicles and then loaded and unloaded from the ships. 

Unfortunately taken pictures was not allowed during this trip. So take a tour by yourself :)

3. November 2013

Today was not a good day... Daddy had to leave again today. The time had passed so fast. Now I don't get to see him for another 6 weeks or so... ;(

2. November 2013

Today was the Handball Supercup. The German National Team played against Egypt and also Sweden vs. Poland. Daddy and I went to see the games. It was my first Handball game I watched in real. It was pretty fun and also exciting. Unfortunatly they didn't want me to play in the team eventhough I asked very politely. They said I'm not going to be fast enough to run and that I don't have enough strength in my arms to throw.. But it was fun anyways :)


                                                         Next time I should ask to be the mascot :)