30. January 2014

So this semester's exams are finally over. Three long weeks are gone and now it is time to relax a bit. Had the last final today and it went quite well. Now I just have to wait for the results to be published... 

26. January 2014

I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up to date lately but I wasn't feeling so well.

I really miss the friend I met at the New Year's Party, I hope I can see her again soon.

And the weather wasn't great either. First it just rained everyday for like two weeks and now it is really cold outside but still no snow. Because I don't have enough clothes and eventhough me fur is really fluffy it is to cold to spend much time outside... 

And I still have to help mummy study for the last exams. It is so much work...Can't wait for it to be over...


oh yeah and I started excersing a little everyday. I haven't seen any results so far but I guess it's just the winter fur covering up all the weight loss ;)

22. January 2014

It's actually gotten a little bit colder the last days. I wonder if winter is finally here :) Then I can start wearing my scarf again, but I still need a hat so my hears don't freeze...

20. January 2014

I wonder if it is ever going to snow this winter. I haven't seen any snow so far. It would be the first time for me to see snow, because it doesn't snow in the country where I was born. 
Mommy said it snows here in winter but I haven't seen one snowflake.... 

15.January 2014

Congratulations Daddy for finishing your studies! I'm proud of you Daddy! I wish you all the best for your upcoming working life!


I hope I can see you soon and then we can celebrate a bit. 



Today Daddy has is final presentation at University. I wish him all the best and I'll keep my fingers crossed. (Still have to practice that though... so complicated when you have such short arm :)

13.January 2014

It's study time! The last three weeks of this semester are here and that means exam time. Here's a picture of me wearing my study head to get into the right mood for all the different topics covered. Hope I will survive. Wish me luck!

11.January 2014

Tomorrow the European Men's Handball Championship will start in Denmark. Eventhough the German team is not participating I started to get ready for the event. Maybe next time the Germans should ask my to come play with them :)

9. January 2014

Today is Daddy's Birthday! I want to wish him all the best for the future and that he stays the way he is and I can always joke around with him. Eventhough I can't be with him today I hope he has a nice day! 


4. January 2014

After the holidays with my family and spending a lot of time with daddy it was time to go back to Hamburg. The last two weeks past way too fast but I hope I can come visit daddy in February again. 

2. January 2014

I found a new friend at the new year's eve party. I really like her a lot but unfortunatly she lives in another city so I don't get to see her that often.