31. October 2013

So Daddy and I went on a boat trip today because for once the weather was not so bad at all. We saw many pretty houses along the Elbe-Beach, so a big container ship being pulled into the harbor and many many birds...

28. October 2013

Daddy is back!!! Today were late daddy finally come to come visit. I was so excited all day long and then there was problems with the trains because of the weather.. but he made it! And of course we had to cuddle all night long :)

26. October 2013

So I was taking a stroll around the Alster today. I dind't make it all the way around but my feet were still pretty sore afterwards....Thanks to good friends I could enjoy a great chinese dinner later one. That was good... just eating with chopsticks turned out to be kinda difficult with my little arms... 

22. October 2013

Eventhough it is autumn now the weather was nice the last couple of days. The picture of the sunset at the Alsterlake is the proof.

18. October 2013

So I did a tour around "Schanzenviertel" on Tuesday. It was pretty interesting and I got to get to know some new places and Insider-Tipps.

Here's a picture of an old slaughter-house.

I know that sounds horrible...I hope no sheeps were killed there...

15. October 2013

A while ago the cruise ship Queen Mary 2 was in Hamburg. So I went down to the harbor to take a look...


And it is huge...


( I know it doesn't look that big in the picture, but believe me it is that big)

13. October 2013

The weather has been kinda bad the last couple of days.. 


But no reason to be upset. 

That's how I spent the time. If you can think you can bet: Let's give it a try!

10. October 2013

I'm missing my buddy sheep. 


I haven't seem him in a quite a long time but he is coming to visit soon :)


Can't wait to see him!

5. October 2013

I made it! I fixed the printer!  


Now just one more little comment:

Thanks to the many help I recevied with my printer problems... which were none (except the commercial from Samsung Service to buy a new printer.... not very helpful...) 


Hope to get more feedback from you the next time. 

3. October 2013

Went on a ferry ride today. It was really nice because the weather was great. The tour back was really windy though. Good for me I am so fluffy :)

2.October 2013

Moved again two days ago. Tried to set up the printer... I really tried.... but couldn't get it to work so far... if you have any ideas let me know!