29. August 2014

Since Mommy started working two weeks ago, it has been pretty boring around here. There is not much to do, but cuddling in bed, which is fine for me, but i' starting to get a little bit lonely too. 

I miss my Schafi, which I had to leave because Mommy and I are back in Hamburg. 

Nevertheless there is one positive thing. My candy stays with me :)

24. August 2014

So I did get a pretty cool gift for my birthday and I spent a lot of time lately with it. 

It's a kite!! The kite is really buig for me and so it's a lot of fun but also a good workout. 

The wind has also been nice the last couple of days so I could spent so much time outside with the kite.

Oh yeah and I found this other orange kite, which is also a lot of fun.

Sometimes, when the wind is blowing really strong I can even fly a little bit...

13. August 2014

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday!!!! lalalalala 

11. August 2014

Soon it's my birthday! I wonder if I'll get any presents at all...

8. August 2014

Mommy is back! I missed her a lot! Now i want to cuddle!!

5. August 2014

I took a bath today because I have eaten so much chocolate lately that the fur got a little darker over time. Now Schafi had to make sure it's still me after the bath!

2. August 2014

So Daddy is pretty busy with work and I have to stay at home. So I'm spending most of the time on the computer and eating chocolate chips. 

Oh and look at the great piece of art I just created :)