30. May 2014

Mommy isn't feeling to well lately so I'm going to have to stop writing now and go cuddle with her. Hope she feels better soon.

23. May 2014

Mommy has been so busy this week I barely got to see her. I just want to cuddle..

17. May 2014

Today was a Open Door Day at the University Hospital. They had a lot of interesting things and one could even get a little feeling of working in an OR. I don't think I would be a good surgeon, especially because my arms are soo short but maybe I could handle beeing an radiologist. There's no blood that could make my fur dirty.. :)

15. May 2014

I just realized I totally forgot to tell you guys that I won something last month: A bottle of alcohol and a boombox. Of course I didn't drink the alcohol myself. The boxbox is made out of cardboard and still has to be painted. Any ideas for a cool design? 

11.May 2014

It's harbour festival in Hamburg. Many ships are here and can be visited as well as a lot of food and entertainment stands. There was also a presentation of water rescue today. 

9.May 2014

Another interview for Mommy today. This time in Hamburg so she didn't have to spend all day on the train. That's good. 

Now we only have to wait for answers and then we will see where we are going to be the this fall and winter.

7.May 2014

Mommy is having an interview for her internship/masterthesis today. She has to travel to Salzgitter for that. I hope it goes well! Can't wait for her to tell me how it went! I'll keep you guys updated. 

4. May 2014

Today was the a Marathon going on in Hamburg. Because I would take forever to run those 42km with my short legs I decided not to participate but to watch.

3. May 2014

I went to this big park in Hamburg today to get some fresh air and to take some pictures. So here are some of the impressions: 


And look at those little swans... they are just soooo just.. I wanted to take one home but Mommy wouldn't let me :(

1.May 2014

Today is Mommys Daddy's birthday! I wish him all the best. Especially since he is going on a big adventure trip soon. Hopefully he will send me a postcard. That would be nice. 

Today is also a national holiday. So Mommy can stay home with me and we can cuddle all day long.