30.August 2013 - Moving Day 1

Today it was Moving Day 1. 
I had to pack all my things and leave the room in the dorm. 

We then drove for a while and now I life at the girl's parents for a while... 

Let's see what adventures I will have here. 

27. August 2013

Read the newspaper this morning to see if I was in there.... 

26. August 2013

Yesterday I went outside for a walk and then I noticed sooo many people standing and waiting in front of a stage. So I decided to stay and see what was going on. 

Then this women I know from TV and the paper came on stage. I think her name is Angie. 

Here's an impression of yesterday. Maybe you can spot me out. 

25. August 2013

Did another biketour today. This time I went into the woods and found some strange new creature. Tried to pet it but didn't really come close to me. Wonder what kind of animal if was....

22. August 2013

This day didn't start well... Because I did so much workout this week so far I thought about getting on the scale this morning... I was really disappointed at the end... Didn't lose a pound :(

20. August 2013

Tried some workout again today since I had a hunger attack yesterday and went to the best Burger Place in town. So delicious.... 

But again my short arm and legs made it kinda hard so get my body back in shape... See for youself

18.August 2013 - first day trip

Went on my first trip on Sunday. It was a great adventure and I could see a lot of new things. 

I also met the girls grandma who is really nice and makes really good food. 

16.August 2013

So.. If been trying to find some new hobbies and today I had my first Ukulele lesson. 

Unfortunatly the teacher wasn't satisfied. My arms just couldn't quite reach the strings.... 

14.August 2013

Yesterday was the biggest day of my life so far:

I finally found a new family!


I was adopted by this boy and girl from Germany. I will spend most of the time with the girl because her boyfriends wants her to have company when she is moving to another town. They seem really nice so far...