28. April 2014

Today was the second lesson of my rowing course.. We took the Trimmi-Boats again. Those are the really big ones, where it is hard to fall out. And that's good because I think I will drown because my fur is so fluffy and it will soak up all the water :)


26. April 2014

The weather has been pretty nice the last few days and also today the sun is shining. It's time to go outside and catch some fresh air and maybe get a little tan. 

22. April 2014

No Daddy... Now I am a little disappointed. I hope he comes visting soon!

21. April 2014

Mommy is coming home today so I have to start cleaning up soon. Sooooo many cookie crumps in bed... 


I hope she brings home Daddy with her. 

17. April 2014

YEAH! Finally I have the home to myself! Mommy is heading home for easter but I said I wanted to stay here. I'm a little sad I don't get to see Daddy but now I can stay in bed the whole day and eat as much cookies as I want :)

14.April 2014

Today was the first class in the rowing course I registered at. It was fun but the weather was bad. soo cold and chilly.. I hope the weather will be better the next time!

12. April 2014

Today I went rowing. The weather was perfect: sunshine and almost no wind. At first it was kinda difficult to get all the hands and legs movement in the right order but after a bit it was pretty fun. I hope the second rower in the boat didn't notice I couldn't row as hard as her because my arms and legs are a little too short to put in full power :)

9. April 2014

I found a new friend. His name is pillow. He is very special because he's not that soft inside but he's a really good cuddler :)

7. April 2014

" Hello this is Löli speaking." - Today is office day.. so many things to get done...

5.April 2014

So some of you might remember that I was making this scarf. I finally finished it! I think I did a pretty good job eventhough it might not be perfect. So what do you think?

2.April 2014

Of course yesterday's post was just the mandatory April Fool's Post. Hugs are still free and will still be for free in the future!

1. April 2014

To make some money I dediced that all hugs are not for free anymore. Depening on the length you will be charged a small fee...