31. December 2013

It's the last day of the year and of course time to celebrate. I hope all of you had a nice new year's eve and I wish everyone a happy new year 2014. I will see you soon!

29. December 2013

It's time to loose some of the christmas pounds. After all the delicious christmas meals and cookies I have to do some workout again. 

25. December 2013

Look what Santa got me! A scarf! Now I will never be cold again outside. Thank you Santa and all your little helpers!

24.December 2013

It's Christmas time! I'm so excited! Santa was here and gave a little present!

23. December 2013

I finally got to see daddy again! So currently I am at his place and I can finally take the boss-chair again and try to rule the world :)

21. December 2013

So it's still really early (5:15 am) right now but everything is packed and I am ready to go home to celebrate Christmas with my family. 

I'm wishing everyone nice christmas holidays with their family and friends!

18. December 2013

Only couple of days left till it is time to head home for Christmas. I can't wait to see all the people again especially my daddy! It has been a long time since I last saw him. Counting down the hours!

15. December 2013

Today it's the third Sunday in December so I went to have a look at the Christmas markets around town. Some of them are pretty nice but they were all soo crowded. Not the right place for a sheep like me. 

I also saw many friends of mime still waiting to find a new home. I hope they will find one before Christmas Eve.

10. December 2013

Christmas can be exhausting... So many presents to buy and always to many people walking around town. The christmas markets are so crowded too... But at least I got most of the presents now and just a few more I need to make.

8. December 2013

Today I went to the Museum of Ethnology. It was pretty interesting eventhough they had no sheep there :) 

6.December 2013

Look what Nikolaus gave to me! Christmas cookies and chocolate! I hope Santa's helper can read my wish list later...

5. December 2013

Tomorrow is Nikolaus-Day! So that means everyone has to clean there shoes and put in a list with wishes so that Santa and his helpers know what presents to give to the children and sheep. I hope the strom doesn't stop him from coming to me!

4. December 2013

Brrrrr.... the weather is bad again... Everything so grey and dark and windy. 

Another heavy storm is supposed to come tomorrow. Luckily I can stay inside and drink some nice warm chocolate :)

2. December 2013

SANTA WROTE ON MY WALL!!! But I wonder why he asked If I have been I nice sheep this year... Of course I am!

1. December 2013

Christmas is coming :) I'm so excited! I got to open my first door on the christmas calender and I'm listening to christmas songs already. I wish you all a very nice first christmas sunday!