26. February 2015

So i have a couple of days left to cuddle with Mommy because she will start working on her master thesis soon. 

23. February 2015

Mommy just come back from her week at home with Daddy. I wish I could have gone with her but I hope I will get to Daddy soon again.

Mommy brought back a new laptop. It's so shiny and orange. I like it a lot.

Oh yeah and here are some pictures:

14. February 2015

Mommy is taking the train home today but since I ate so many muffins last night I can't go with her.

So I'm just going to stay in bed for a while and watch alot of TV.

13. February 2015

Mommy just finished making so many muffins and cakes.. Everything smells soo nice but I'm not allowed to eat any of it. It's for Mommy last day as intern...

Maybe I can grab one while Mommy is sleeping...

10. February 2015

Today i went to the musical. It was called "Villa Sunshine" It was really funny and I enjoyed it a lot, eventhough there were no sheep in it.

4. February 2015

This week a new chinese course started for Mommy. Maybe I will go join her once but I don't think Chinese is going to be my language. I just rather eat the noodles

1. February 2015

Only two more weeks left for Mommy and her internship. A new intern has already joined the team and another left.

Since Mommy also has a few hours plus she is able to spend more afternoons with me. More time to cuddle ;)