17. January 2015

After about three weeks of rain and storm the sun finally come out again. Time for me to hit the road with my bike. This time along the Alster-River, through the woods. Because of the rain the trail was really muddy but thanks to good clothing I was able to stay all white :)

9.January 2015

Happy Birthday Daddy! Daddy is turning 82!!!! I wish you all the best and I hope you have a nice day eventhough I can't be with you today!! I love you!


I made you a birthday present.. It's not done yet but only a little bit of work left. You will get it the next time we see us!

5. January 2015

After two weeks at home and with Daddy it is time to go back to Hamburg for Mommy to keep working for her internship and finish her studies. It's sad to leave but we will be back soon!

1. January 2015

A new year has begon! I wish everybody all the best for this year and I hope I will have a little more time to write you here in the future! I know I didn't post much lately. 

Happe New Year everyone!!