25. June 2014

Mommy looks like she got hit by a truck :) 

On monday we fell out of the boat and tried to get back in from the water. Turns out that is pretty difficult. 

Now mommy has bruises all over her. Luckily my fur is sooo soft that it protected me from any injuries :)

23. June 2014

The next to weeks are going to be rough. It's exam time again. So Mommy already has been spending a lot of time in the library studying. This time it is only three exams but non of them are going to be easy. So let's how it goes...

18. June 2014

So this was the last class for ever for us. Feels kind of strange but there is still a long way to finish studies here in Hamburg!

12. June 2014

Mommy went to Airbus today and got to see those giant airplanes being completed. She said they are soooo huge that I can't even image being on one. I'll probally get lost or hide in the first class section :)

9. June 2014

Daddy had to leave again today because he has to work tomorrow. And Mommy is busy with school stuff again. I wish someone would cuddle me :(

7.June 2014

Oh my! I'm soo excited Daddy is here!!! Mommy didn't even tell me he was coming! Now it's time to cuddle with Daddy for the whole weekend.. I don't think we will let him leave bed for the next 2 days.