30. May 2015

I know, I know, I know I haven't been posting anything for a long time now. But it is time to catch up so here we go!

23.- 25. May 2015

It's time for a familiy meet again. This time we are meeting in Eibenstock, in the mountains. We did a lot of hiking and we even walked up the largest mountain there. That was really exhausting. Going down would have been so much easier for me... just roll :)

Anyway we also did some kind of bowling but without holes in the bowling balls... had to be really careful that nobody used me as a ball...

It was still a pretty fun weekend and here are some picture:

21. May 2015

So we spent the week at Daddys place. In the mornings Mommy worked on her graduation paper but we also had time to cuddle. We also did some geocaching and we managed to do our first Wherigo. 

15. May 2015

It's time to pack the bags and head home with mommy. One of her friends is getting married this friday so we want to celebrate a little with her before. We wish her all the best!

The next week we are also going to stay with Daddy and Schafi. I'm excited to see her again and then we cuddle for the rest of the week!

11. May 2015

Getting a GPS device! I'm so excited! No more geocaching with the phone and no more getting lost somewhere!

10. May 2015

It's harbour birthday in Hamburg again. So I spent the day watching ships, walking around, listening to bands and seeing the parade where the ships leave the harbour again. The weather wasn't the best but at the end it got better.

1. May 2015

Today is a holiday! So it's time to go to the beach. It was to cold to go into the water but it was still nice walking around.

18. April 2015

Today I went on a bicycle trip to Bergedorf. It was about 20 km from city center to there plus the km from home to city center. After getting out of town it was quite nice. Bergedorf is also very nice and a lot different from Hamburg. 

10. April 2015

Mommy looks like a hamster, but also pretty much like me now. I like that :)

8. April 2015

Mommy is getting her wisdom teeth pulled out today. That must hurt! I will cuddle her now as good as I can!

2.-7. April 2015

It's Easter time... And time to go home. So let's get the bags packed and head to the train station. 

Oh wait something is wrong here... it snows!!! What's going on? It's April and it is snowing! Let's hope we don't have to search easter eggs in the snow. 

It was also time to find some geocaches hidden around. It was a nice weekend at home.