28. November 2014

Daddy I think it is time to open THE box. But remember there are also couple of things in there for other loving people. I hope you figure out what's for you :)

20.-23. November

Spent a long weekend with mommy and daddy. After a long train ride we finally arrived and I had the chance to cuddle with daddy again. I also brouhgt him something but he is not allowed to open it yet. 

The weekend was filled with a lot of cuddling and a lot of food... really good food...




Time to travel... First Business Trip for Mommy... and we are flying to Bulgaria!

It's only for three days but I think it is going to be fun, Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera and only took some pictures with mommys mobile phone but they are blurry... So sorry no pictures this time.

8. November

First time in a while I haf the chance to leave Hamburg and visit a city in the surroundings. 

I went to Buxtehude this time. Yes it does actually exist... I was surprised too.. 


So here are some impressions: