29-31 March 2014

So we did a lot of things this weekend... Friday we walked around in the city center for a while, looking at some stores and so. Later we went to dinner ( which was pretty good) and then headed to a musical on Reeperbahn. It was quite funny. 

On Saturday morning we went to the "Miniatur Wunderland", because it was still a little chilly outside. It was really interesting in there... so many things to see and buttons to press. That was fun. They also had really tiny sheep there :) Afterwards we headed to a flea market but didn't buy anything. After a quick lunch we headed to the town hall and took part in a guided tour. Pretty cool rooms they got in there... Because we had walked around so much our feet hurt so we sat down for a while and then later had diner. 

On Sunday we then went to the fishmarket, rode the ferry and went to Blankenese because the weather was really nice. In the evening we went to see the Musical The Lion King. I really liked it, eventhough they don't have sheep... but Pumba is great. 


Now me feet are sore and I will stay in bed for a while :)

28. March 2014

So Mommy's parents are coming this weekend to visit. I guess that means a weekend full of activies.. Hope I can keep up with my short legs:)

23. March 2014

My little green cactus is showing a new side. I'm sooo excited!

21.March 2014

Hi Daddy! 

Just wanting to say hi :)



Spring is already showing it's bad side... rain all day long...

20. March 2014

It's officially spring time! And the weather is just as nice for that day. Sunshine but still a little windy. Hope the weather stays that way for a while.

16. March 2014

It's market time. I spent the morning in the little old factory building where a weekly farmer's market is held. They had some nice stuff and also small snacks to try. Nothing is better than free snacks :)

14. March 2014

The sun isn't shining brightly today and because mommy also has no class today it is the best to spent the day cuddeling in bed. But I spend most of the time in bed because it is just so comfortable and I think I got that from Daddy. He also likes to sleep a lot and have oversized nap times all day long :)

10. March 2014

So the weather has been pretty nice the last couple of days. So I spent some time outside and went to the playground for some fun. People were looking weirdly at me but i didn't care. I mean I can totally understand you usually don't get to see a sheep on a playground everyday :)

7. March 2014

So I've been touring my new area a little bit today... but actually there is nothing much to see... some special looking churches...an old town house.. a house that supposely had been a castle many years ago... shopping centers... went to the harbour...



5. March 2014

So I have been doing some arts and crafts lately. I started to crochet. I already made a beanie for mommy in three different colors.. not bad for my first piece. Now I started to get bigger trying to make a scarf... I'm still in the making process.. We'll see what it's going to look like when I'm done...

3. March 2014

AHH... What's that... I thought everything in life is so fluffly as I am.. but this hurts... 

1.March 2014

It was time to head back to Hamburg today and again the time has past to fast. 

Like always I'm wishing I could have stayed longer but I will be back soon. 


Because Daddy wasn't feeling well lately I hope he's getting well soon.

I also wish him all the best for his new part of life since he's no student anymore. 

Good Luck!