30.December 2014

Happy Birthday Mommy! I wish you all the best for the next year and for the rest of your studies!

Better eat your candy before I do :)

26.December 2014

The first snow of my life! So that is what everybody is talking about in winter! I like it.. It's so soft, just a little bit cold. 

And it is great for playing hide and seek for me :)

25.December 2015

Look at what I got from Santa. So much of this delicious chocolate.. That's my favorite... Thanks Santa:)

As you can see. I had to eat some first and then take a picture.

24. December 2014

Today is christmas! Time for presents. Let's see what Santa has for me...I was really nice to everyone this year (just like always :)

20. December 2014

It's time to go home :) But that also means spending a lot of time squeezed into a little backpack. But I can't wait to see Daddy and my best friend Schafi again. I have missed you!

3.December 2014

Daddy I hope you like your present from me :) So that everybody knows what you got here's a picture.

1. December 2014

December is here and Christmas is also coming up in like a minute. So it is time to get ready to shop some presents and bake cookies and eat a lot of candy:)